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4x4 (LP)

by VasyL Ko

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if a full moon happens more in one month that make it a blue moon i'll tell ya out here in the prairies when snow falls fresh on the landscape the sun goes down that full moon rises above the ice fog sets in and all that light reflecting on that big moon paints the whole entire landscape blue and that's what they call a blue moon
what for the day it dies in a wheel and you watch me die in it you watch me sink in the lake over my head i am drowning in you who are you to say that i am alright who are you to even care who are you to say that i am all grey who are you to know what goes on here i am wondering all the days
B2//Ammysia 02:19
and a time will come i will look at my face and wonder where has this mind gone who holds these eyes and a dream will fall i'll reach out for it until death my thought will fade in-breath content i will vanish and then a time will come i will look at my face wonder where has this mind gone who holds these eyes where has this mind gone
echos to my song your empty room it sings along all your stuff is gone left me alone grey skies out of your window leaving my heart apart my breaking heart but who can stop this now? i am just wondering about what went wrong
title is more than senses of measure commotions reside with me in the lake there are children all clothed in yellow sin unburned unburdened by the playing names i am going east i am in route furthest west the happenings that happen here we counted ourselves dammed with curtesy and a wild desire to go when commotion shows skiddy droves that sit and warm lights outside that cities have burned colder than the arctic deep and wide shall never live again in seconds that life has me capture the pictures that have taken you to a place that is far and wild to live with fantasy children deserve to grow old and here i will not remind all the dance my tongue will speak to the berend my eardrums have beat of people who keep me inside so simply to sleep to wake up warm
geese in the background cheer for leaving as they head south I sent them off here as the darken sky show millions of tiny lights waves give texture to the background it's flowing over the hill lights play as they strike the ground and as my life flashes before me in a second i will take one more breath and breathe in the fall the leaves at maple cottage
and there is a call to do a message flowing over the clouds and on this last day i begin to play anyway all this times that i lucked out i wonder if it will start trailing away am i doing nothing now more than this life has to say am i trying to live life's journey good? to me as the people around you and it is skipping all away i learn more and more and more about myself this is why i am not to just trail away this lyst cabin its differing i am not as interesting as the bird who crashed landed beside me in the lake once i will take a life on you and i say that i am doing good as to you will maybe well i think i do
night comes quieter here the leaves are on their way to yellow i thought the night was quieter here stars moving over my head streak of light flys over my head passes through my view i get memories of you nothing is like the country i heard them say the trees the people the sky and the ways now i wonder where the country hits the city or if i will find it deep within me the night comes quieter here now the leaves are on their way to yellow thought the night comes quieter here now watching the stars over my head now
D4//coldLke 05:00
hei don't you wonder? hei don't you sick me on hei don't you care for me? hei i am alive. everything thing is going away building and helicopters fly through the sky can't see the stars at night drive three hundred kilometers to see the sky and on that night the northern lights were out i saw six comets fly through the sky was the birthday of my father that night i felt alone in the black sky there were trees on the horizon the world was upside down white sky black ground with holes punched in it looking at me some may answer why others will ask me "why do you look up to the stars so far away i am telling you that i am okay i just like the escape and i am on fire and i am lifted and i am like the earth i am on fire on ice i am standing on ice i am on fire on ice


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Created from 4 different EPs recorded by Vasyl Ko
Most tracks are improvised at time of recording, some written, recorded and mixed but all material is only Vasyl Ko except Sxa Ormbjument is from a poem by Ronan McGrath and Ammysia features vocals from Ammy Zzzzzzzzz

A// Once in a Blue Moon (2010)
Recorded : January 1,2010 (a blue moon)
Bettybluemoon Studio, Mundare, Alberta, Canada

B// Clearwater, Irish Columbia (2008)
Recorded: August 2007 - June 2008
Maltby Lake, Highlands, BC

C// Loggers (2007)
Recorded in one day in Fall 2007
Le Cabin Studios, Mill Creek Ravine, Alberta

D// Crane Lake (2006)
Recorded over two summers while i worked an Water Quality Job
Crane Lake, Boreal Forest, Alberta

It is raw Vasyl Ko emotion....
Not listening music for tough guys.

Most of the tracks are marginally recorded sometimes with the crudest method of audio collection. However, these recording act to me as dusty photographs, faded, coffee stained but pulled from the box under the crawlspace and put in a frame on your livingroom wall.

Each EP is from a different time in my life and sum what instruments i leaned on, the cadence and emotional space of my vocals, most of them improvised at time of recording.

In all: if your iPod was on Shuffle at a party that i was at and if some of these tracks flowed over the speakers to the ears of some unsuspecting passer-partier-by completely out of context, i would have to run for the hills...but i do think a party hit would be A4//Heimablue

Hope you enjoy....
Keep it to yerslef will ya.

With love , much much love,
VasyL Ko


released March 12, 2013


all rights reserved



VasyL Ko Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


VasyL Ko is a polymathic sound designer, musician, modular synthesist, audio engineer, naturartist, photographer, and professional geoscientist living on a small island in the Salish Sea.

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