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baba (LP)

by VasyL Ko

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Anhela 00:48
Wild Salmon 02:59
...and i am swimming on down to the ocean downstream from the place where my baba died the saltwater will preserve my scales and phytoplankton for nourishment ...and we are on a mission to the ocean like a big travelling family swim on in the sacred water collecting common energy ...and we are going to bring it back up the mountain we are going to defy gravity swim on against the strong current back up the river where my mama was born ...and maybe i will have dozens of babies or be eaten by a grizzly all i wanna do is help my friends out alive in our watershed ...and we are on a mission to the ocean like a big traveling family
Sundog Song 03:15
sun sits on a branch it drops water to the ground photosynthesize nutrient soil willow in the snow
moonday calm it open peace fills loss and sorrow down by the sweet and earthen bird song out my window soft beats move by footsteps warm deep in the darkness rainsong on the doorstep well grow like gold in august sweetheart here and flowing stay path peak and mountain roots and leaves held and growing waves wash bare us beauty and the beast that lay in the forest warm moss and tiny movement trust now and flow in the moment
pocahontas stares at the moonlight sky over her head after midnight thousands star lay overhead in her glacier valley bed she wonders over the eastern sky waiting for the passing of nighttime she waits patiently there waiting for the daylight she is waiting for the candy dawn sky those colours sure light up her life and she waits there for geological time and she stays there for the rest of my life and she waits for the candy dawn sky she drinks the clouds as they pass on by and sees the prairie golden lines those yellows sure light up her eyes and she is alive in the candy dawn sky those colours sure light up her life
Bill Power 05:26
There I was Seventeen Years Old My Father told me that I could not go to university He said "Son, your marks are now done, "You can't even get into technical school "You can't do nothing you damn fool. "Where are you going? You don't know "where you will be when you grow older than me "Where are you from, your language is now done, "You were in bilingual school, but you can't speak it you are such a fool" My daddy once told me "Son, to get along in this place, you must go into the working force, you gotta be a workin' horse you gotta pull your weight, and get the money to buy your own food and your own shoes, or you're gonna lose" My daddy once told me "Son, this is where you go when you are done, they will bury you in your new shoes." My daddy once showed me the place where my baba rest I was only four but I knew she is right beside you in your heart. That is where you start and that is where you will end It is not who you are, it is how far your soul will travel And you will live forever in your brand new shoes it is the way you gotta do, and choose. "You must go now, and on your own now, looking for something to do someone to spend your life with you." "You must go to the places that are unknown to me but you gotta know which way you're gonna be in this society."
amazing earth how sweet the sound that saved a scientist in me i once was lost but now i am found was blind but now i see t'was earth that taught my mind to grow through earth my heart revealed how precious did my earth appear they day i first wondered through many dangers torrents and bears i help until i am done t'was earth that brought us safe thus far and earth will be our home


released March 12, 2012


all rights reserved



VasyL Ko Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


VasyL Ko is a polymathic sound designer, musician, modular synthesist, audio engineer, naturartist, photographer, and professional geoscientist living on a small island in the Salish Sea.

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