baba (LP)

by VasyL Ko


VasyL Ko Saanich, British Columbia

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Track Name: Bill Power
There I was
Seventeen Years Old
My Father told me that I
could not go to university

He said
"Son, your marks are now down,"
"You can't even get into technical school"
"You can't do nothing you damn fool."
"Where are you going? You don't know"
"where you will be when you grow older than me"
"Where are you from, your language is now done,
"You were in bilingual school, but you can't speak it
you are such a fool"

My daddy once told me
"Son, to get along in this place,
you must go into the working force,
you gotta be a workin' horse
you gotta pull your weight,
and get the money
to buy your own food and your own shoes,
or you're gonna lose"

My daddy once told me
"Son, this is where you go when you are done,
they will burry you in your new shoes."

My daddy once showed me the place
where my baba rest
I was only four but i knew
she is right beside you
in your heart.

That is where you start
and that is where you will end
It is not who you are,
it is how far your soul will travel

And you will live forever
in your brand new shoes
it is what you gotta do,
you choose.

"You must go now,
and on your own now,
looking for something to do
someone to spend your life with you."

"You must go
to the places that are unknown to me
but you gotta know
you gotta know
which way you are gonna be
in this society."